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Firstly let me introduce myself… I’m Hannah, I run Zenzero Events and the company is my baby!! I studied Street Arts at university (yes it is a strange degree, the only one in Europe as far as I know, and I will write specifically about the course very soon and how Zenzero has been influenced by it) and before that Musical Theatre.

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I tend to over use exclamation marks, …’s (which wikipedia informs me is called ‘Ellipsis’) and smiley faces. I am trying very hard to stop these naughty habits but I’m afraid they may pop up now and then so please excuse me!! I love christmas (I’m listening to christmas music right now…. as it’s less than five weeks till christmas I believe this is acceptable). I also love weddings and cheese but I am also a big fan of anything alternative, unusual and unexpected!

I have had difficulty writing this first post and I have done an awful lot of procrastinating before getting round to writing it so please excuse me if the first few posts appear mildly panicky! I do of course tweet and post on facebook about our news and updates but I hope this blog will provide you with a more intimate insight into Zenzero Events.

There is a lot I want to write about, however I am going to keep this post short but sweet by giving you a little teaser in the shape of some hints about the subjects of future posts. I have a feeling I’m going to need to exercise a lot of self restraint, otherwise I may get over excited and post everyday for the next few weeks, only to then realise I have run out of inspiration…!


We have had some really exciting adventures over the last 10 months since our official inception including exhibiting at The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza, doing a fabulous photo shoot with Red Book Photography, performing at Tentertainment 2012, creating some wonderful new characters and recruiting some incredible performers. Future posts will focus on these past events, our favourite characters, individual profiling of some of our brilliant performers (so you can get to know them a bit better!) and we will attempt to answer some of the questions we get asked regularly (particularly the most common… “What is it exactly you do?”!!).

In the meantime in addition to twitter and facebook I also email those of who are interested with regular updates and tips so please subscribe here if you are interested in being kept up to date.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first ever blog post and please feel free to comment and share with your friends. I hope you return for the next episode!

Photos © Red Book Photography

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